Troubleshooting AC Problems Without Calling the Repairman

It always seems to happen at the most inopportune times. You’ve come in from a long workout or a day of doing yard work, eager for that blast of cool air when you open the door to your house. But instead of a nice, cooling chill, you’re greeted with more heat. It’s the AC unit yet again. Now, in addition to continuing to sweat, you’re starting to dread the amount it will cost to fix it. But there are some fixes you can try first. Before you pick up the phone to call the repairman, take these small steps may solve the problem before having to pay someone to fix it. Want even more protection? We recommend getting a home warranty. Find your state here to begin learning more.

Check the Filter

One of the most common AC problems is a clogged air filter. If your air filter gets dirty, that decreases the airflow the unit can pull in to keep the indoor coil from freezing. It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s not a good thing for the indoor coil to freeze. A frozen coil will decrease airflow through the entire system and not cool your home. In addition, if your filter isn’t clean, the fan motor on the indoor unit will also have to work harder and can eventually fail, leading to an expensive replacement. Filter positions vary by AC model, but most are disposable, and replacements can be found at hardware and even grocery stores. There are also permanent filters, which can be cleaned by simply brushing off the excess dust. Doing this once every few weeks will ensure a clean and cool AC system.

Clean Condenser Coils

Sometimes, it’s the outdoor part of your unit that gets dirty. The condenser coil inside the outdoor unit sucks the heat out of your home and removes it back into the outside air to help keep your home cool. It has to move a lot of air to keep this process going. If the fins on the exterior of the unit get dirty, that air flow is inhibited, and it takes much more effort to remove the hot air. This will raise your power bill and put more strain on your system. A simple clean can help keep the system running smooth. First, make sure to remove plants and other debris from around the unit as these can also block the airflow. Then, take a brush to remove dust. Many newer models can even be cleaned by spraying water across the fins to knock off the debris. Check your unit’s owner manual for suggested cleaning of the outdoor unit.

Stay Cool

It is frustrating to step into your home expecting cool and getting heat instead. Doing these simple cleaning steps once every few weeks takes only a few minutes but can add years to the life of your AC system and, better still, keep you and your family cool.

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Creating a Kitchen Design that Meets Your Needs

The kitchen is the hub of every home, and typically where you’ll find the most action. Of course, it is the place where you prepare and cook food, but it also seems like everyone gravitates there for family meals and entertaining guests. So, if you are considering remodeling, your new kitchen design needs to be updated in a fashion that allows for these activities.

There was a time when preparing meals was the only reason for being in the kitchen. Family life has changed in the past 70 years. Today, whenever a member of the house comes home, they head for the kitchen.

This has now become the area that the family lifestyle revolves around. Meals are prepared by different members of the family, and the kitchen is where the day is shared over a soda or snack. With active families, the kitchen needs to reflect and accommodate all of the activities using islands, café bars, farmhouse sinks and more.

Design Ideas to Keep In Mind


For style and efficiency, consider customized cabinets and countertops. Granite is a favorite, and with other key components the right design will inspire your family to continue to meet and eat there throughout the day.

Kitchens can be brightened using solid color themes throughout the room. A popular kitchen design is using crisp, white walls with plenty of cupboards everywhere, and accenting with black. This way the gadgets and kitchen tools are hidden, and the design is a clean. With this look you have created a modern design that will easily compliment any design you have throughout the home. Try looking at online galleries, like McDaniels Kitchen and Bath, for a better idea of the design you are looking for.

Stainless steel appliances are very popular with most kitchen design plans. They add that clean, simple, yet sophisticated look, and they are so easy to clean. Stainless steel compliments any kitchen design, and if you have a smaller kitchen, utilizes all the space you have with cupboards or shelves that reach from ceiling to floor. By doing this you will enlarge your area greatly, and you may even have extra space to “move into.”

Another tip for convenience in the kitchen is to install spice racks on either side of the stove, so they are always right at hand, but not in the way. Remember that you can gain inspiration from a variety of sources. Don’t be afraid to exercise your creativity or incorporate nice ideas that you come across in your search for the design that will make the best use of your space.

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Prep is Everything When it Comes to Painting a Bathroom

The most important aesthetic improvements you will make to your home involve both color and décor changes in the rooms with the most traffic. Typically, these are the bathroom and kitchen. When making changes in a bathroom, there is one unique precaution which should be addressed.

When improving a bathroom’s appearance, applying a coat of paint, caulking and texturing are the most involved steps. They are also the steps that, if not done properly, can completely ruin a bathroom design. The issue that most bathrooms present is the existence of residual moisture and mildews. The existence of even the tiniest bit of moisture or mildew will create “false surfaces” for paint to on to. If the surface that paint is being applied to is not dry, the application will not hold.

Some people choose to use oil-based kitchen and bathroom enamels. The fumes associate with and the expensive cost of oil can sometimes dissuade designers. Great latex paint will last just as long and clean up just as easy as enamel, that is, if pre-painting surface prep is done well! Remember, latex is water-based so it’s formulation for curing is properly balanced. The introduction of any moisture, whether it is plain water or biological, will undermine the paint’s quality.

The moisture factor applies also to any drywall mud and design texture. Any surface under paint primer and the final coat that is not completely dry will interfere with the planning and hopes for a beautiful new bathroom color and character.

The most overlooked step in choosing a new bathroom design is eliminating moisture from all surfaces. The best way to ensure complete dryness is to set up two high powered floor or box fans. One fan should be at knee level, the other should be pointed toward the ceiling. These fans will create a virtual wind tunnel that takes care of unseen moisture. Leave the fans on for at least 24 hours before painting. Also, avoid using the shower, or opening the windows if it is humid outside.

You will know if the bathroom surface wasn’t completely dry before painting. As the paint cures, it with shrink, curl and ball-up unevenly. It will not be a pleasant surprise, and you will have to start this phase of your bathroom design or redesign all over. Remember—it’s better to take your time than rushing through, that way you’ll ensure the paint job goes smoothly. Design examples online, like Roomscapes in Newport Beach, usually have a section on interior design where you can get tips about how to talk to a professional about these concerns.

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Cleaning Franchise:a Different Way To Cleanliness

Cleaning services are now currently needed. because of hectic schedules from work and home, individuals seldom have the time tidying up. Because of the increasing need for house cleaners, people have just decided to put up their own cleaning company. If you have not invested a money, it will be tough for you to start this kind of business. Even when there are a lot of alternatives like cleaning franchise, this doesn’t discourage you to help make your very own choice if you want to follow with the trend. Learn more about a Maid Brigade Cleaning Franchise today.

A cleaning franchise is also another way for you to open your own business that gives cleaning services for houses and offices, janitorial services, as well as laundry and dry cleaning. You don’t have to worry as you will not need any amount which is at times unaffordable. With a cleaning franchise, you only have to have half as much the money. Besides running off with a cleaning franchise, you can also acquire benefits than doing it on your own.

The very first thing is you won’t need to think about any business name because it is already prepared when you opt to start a cleaning franchise. To build a profitable cleaning business will take so very long to create. It wont require that long once you manage a cleaning franchise. Because you will be carrying the name and reputation in this business. In that sense, starting period of struggles and creating a reputation is on your way no more.

The second thing is the clients, since you will be provided with solid customer base even before you begin. In terms of attracting customers, your business will also be problem free apart because of established reputation of a cleaning franchise. These are extremely true if they’re the most popular business in the industry. Additionally, you will not have any trouble gaining brand new customers due to the annual high demand for cleaners. Always do the best you can to offer a quality service for you to have a regular customer.

Lastly, you have much better possibility of being successful with a cleaning franchise. The explanation for this is that there’s already a way that has been prepared for you. There’s no longer a need for you to struggle making choices because it was formerly covered before you have taken on a cleaning franchise. Potential clients are always there for you simply because cleanliness is their need, in some cases a compulsion.

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Ways to Bring the Christmas Holiday to the Office

Christmas is a special time of year, but having to leave the warmth, comfort, and holiday decor of your own home in order to go to work can sometimes be a bit depressing when there is no sign of the holiday in your office. Why not decorate your workplace? Here are some easy ways to bring holiday to your place of business.

An Artificial Christmas Tree
If you have the space in your office, the easiest Christmas decoration to add is an artificial tree. Artificial is best in the workplace because purchasing one will be a one-time cost, rather than an expense to your business year after year. Also, it’s much cleaner to your work environment, in that there won’t be pine needles falling everywhere.

artifical christmas tree in the office

Festive Window Art
If your place of work has a window on a busy street, a great Christmas decoration to bring a little joy, not only to employees in your own office, but also to a passersby, is a festive holiday art piece. Unless you work in a department store, an all-out window display isn’t very logical, but why not hire a local artist to paint a Christmas scene on your windows?

Have a Decorating Contest
Remember when you were in elementary school and classrooms would have classroom door decorating contests around the holidays? Why not do something similar at work? Bring a little Christmas decoration competition to your office by having a contest for the cubicle with the best holiday decor. The winner can win something festive like homemade holiday cookies.

Christmas Stockings
Designate a wall in your office to hang stockings for every employee. Hand paint their names on beforehand for a bit of added charm. Instead of doing “Secret Santa”, assign each employee a day of December to bring a treat for everyone’s stockings. Keep it affordable by putting a price limit of about $5.00 on the treat. Every day of the month you can expect a piece of candy, cookie, or some little trinket or surprise in your stocking.

Twinkle Lights
If your office is too cramped for a tree or other decorations, why not simply add some twinkling lights for a more subtle, but just as joyous Christmas decoration? Choose lights in all white or multi-colors and run the string along the ceiling. Walking into your office and plugging those lights in will certainly add a little holiday fun to your workday.

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Kitchen and Bath Design Ideas

The most decorated rooms in the home are the kitchen and bathroom areas. This is where most people make renovations if they don’t make renovations anywhere else. A lot of this has to do with all the design elements that go in to kitchen and bath design.

A lot of people have the ability to change up the bathrooms and kitchen areas by choosing new tiles, counter tops and bathroom fixtures. All of these things play a major part in changing the way that a bathroom or kitchen area will look. Some people are thrilled about the ability to implement titled splashes of color into the kitchen and bath design. The best thing that one can do is make some decisions about the counter top if they want to do a major makeover quickly. People that watch different HGTV shows will have a lot of knowledge on designing new rooms in the home.

A big part of the redesign process is about knowing what a homeowner wants. Some people make the decision to do a lot of the work themselves. This is easier when people have taken a trip to a home improvement store or a custom design store, like McDaniels Kitchen and Bath in Lansing, to take a look at things like counter tops and fixtures. A lot of people will have to decide between different types if they have never done this before.

Another thing that people will probably consider is the type of cabinets that they may want when they remodel their homes. In the kitchen area a lot of people are considering glass panels for their cabinets. Some people are even taking a look at stain glass cabinets for the kitchen area. This is common for some people that want to make the kitchen stand out with color patterns of stained glass artwork. The more common look for the cabinets, however, is still the clear glass. This gives people the opportunity to see exactly what they have in their cabinets before the cabinets are opened. In the bathroom people are still more interested in wooden cabinets.

There are lots of opportunities to change the kitchen and bath design. People just have to get an idea of what they want to do. There are some people that will opt for the same color scheme in the bathroom and the kitchen area. This is easy to coordinate when people get these things done at the same time.

Fortunately, there are lots of tutorials in which the professionals show people how to do things like tile a back splash or install floating cork floor. These are all things that are helpful for remodeling ideas. Many homeworkers that take on these projects can learn quickly from bountiful tutorial videos.

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Kitchen Ideas For Your Dream Home

When thinking of a kitchen design for your home, many options come to mind. Understanding what options are available, while also getting the design you want is key in making sure your kitchen design fits your budget and lifestyle. While looking at what is currently trendy versus designs that withhold the test of time, designing your kitchen can be a fun learning experience.

Designing your kitchen includes picking out cabinets, countertops, hardware, appliances, and overall design. You will first need to decide the size and shape of the kitchen. Will you be adding an island and will the island by just a countertop or have a stove or sink installed? These are just a few of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself upon deciding how to begin your kitchen design.

Placement of your appliances in the kitchen also counts as you want to think of a triangle when thinking of your stove, sink, and refrigerator. This allows for easier maneuverability in the kitchen. An island can help to make for additional room, counter space, and flow in the kitchen.

Once you have decided on the arrangement of your appliances, you can then begin to choose the type and color of cabinet you want. The size of cabinets and accessories such as molding on the cabinets can also be considered. If you choose to go with a dark cabinet look, silver colored hardware would best match. You can also add lighting underneath the cabinets.

Backsplashes can be easily installed and can coordinate with your cabinet color, countertop color or even the floors. There are many different types of backsplashes ranging from the popular subway tile to mosaic and even a marble look. If this decision is too hard to make in the beginning, a backsplash can always be added at a later point.

Choosing a countertop is one of most important aspects when determining your kitchen design. Formica, marble, granite, butcher block, and laminate are some of the many types to choose from. If you plan on selling your home in the short-term, you’ll want to think of the value a granite countertop can add over laminate. However, there are also granite looking laminate countertops that give a rich feeling to the kitchen.

Whatever design you choose, make sure you are well informed and stay on budget. Creating a plan before designing your kitchen will ensure you make no mistakes. Homeowners spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it is important to make sure every detail counts.

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Read and Be Aware about the Feasible Ways in Acquiring the Cost-Efficient House Cleaning Services

Each and every home you can find is as unique as their method of cleaning and house cleaning services needs. A person might also have its own choice of level cleanliness. But wherever we may be – in our residential areas, in our schools, or in our homes – we’re always aspire to get a sanitary and pleasant surroundings. Thus, emphasis must be put on picking efficient house cleaning services.

House cleaning Services by Maid Brigade

First and foremost, a very good cleaning company is open for virtually any ideas and is sincere when meeting your expectations. Meeting the first criteria is important for the client of the house cleaning services to be pleased.

More About Cleaning Services

Second, you must also look for a cost-efficient house cleaning services. Cost effectiveness isn’t only regarding the cost of their services but also giving the best results of their house cleaning services. It is indeed essential that you get what you are yearning of in a really cost effective rate.

The third step, will be the reliability of the house cleaning services. Go for a company that is run by people who value your time and can truly be trusted. Cleaning services that contain very good family values will certainly give you quality work and prioritize your family’s safety.

Lastly, select the cleaning services that provide high quality cleaning way. Such cleaning service that aims to thrill and they keep working harder every time. The best cleaning service will provide you results that goes beyond your anticipations. These folks works intimately in order to know the things that should be done professionally and effectively and work harder to cover all the range of cleaning service solutions to meet all of your wants and needs.

What the clients can expect from a great home cleaning service is a cleaning way that is much more effective and professional. This type of professional characteristic will just keep the good and popular name they’ve got. Additionally, there are new and efficient strategies for a sustainable cleaning frontier that you could also contemplate like the green frontier that is widely- embraced now. As you know, green frontier hold ups ecological sustainability and is now exercising some green methods and tactics.

Sustainable cleaning is the term used in the complete assessment process of the user and facility’s needs, the chemical substances, procedure, cleaning tools and training programs. Among the goals of cleaning services these days is to make the quality of indoor amenities more enhanced. They do this thru the application of sustainable cleaning concept that don’t harm the ecosystem.

Making use of these tips can surely lead you to the very best cleaning services. Just don’t forget to make a smart choice!

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Ideal Issues To Consider in Picking the Proper Home Cleaning Services

The cleaning and house cleaning services needs of each and every family’s home vary from each other. Talking about uniqueness, every person also differs regarding how they sustain and keep the cleanliness of their residence. But anywhere we may be – in our communities, in our schools, or in our houses – we are always aspire to get a clean and enjoyable environment. Therefore, picking efficient house cleaning services should really be emphasized.

House cleaning Services by Maid Brigade

The very first thing you must ask in a cleaning company if they can perform customized jobs to meet your anticipations. Fulfilling the first criteria is significant for the client of the house cleaning services to be contented.

Learn More About Housekeeping

More About Housekeeping Services

The next step is that, you should think of the cost effectiveness of the house cleaning services they offer. Cost efficient means producing optimum results in an affordable and worthy price rate. It would certainly be wonderful if what you desire just costs a very low price.

Third, the house cleaning services must be reliable. A company’s reliability can be reflected on its personnel who sees the significance of your time and can be trusted. One more thing, you must also contemplate on the good cleaning services is that provide good measures to their family’s home where they actually live because knowing this will just make you think how eager they are to offer this type of services in your family also.

Last but not least, the cleaning services that offer cleaning method with great quality is also a good choice. Such housecleaning service that aims to please and they work harder every time. The right cleaning services will provide you more than what you’ve expected. These folks will work closely to know the things that should be done expertly and efficiently and work harder to cover all of the range of cleaning service solutions to meet all your wants and needs.

The goal of a legitimate house cleaning service is to give a cleaning method that is more professional and efficient to the clients. This keeps their work excellence which actually enhances their professional reputation. Green frontier is also a new and effective method in order to maintain a good cleaning frontier; this type of method is also embraced and accepted by the society now. This green frontier promotes green methods and also supports environmental sustainability.

Sustainable cleaning is the complete procedure of assessing the requirements of the facility as well as its users, the chemicals, cleaning tools, method and training programs. One of the objectives of cleaning services these days is to make the quality of indoor facilities much more improved. They do this through the implementation of sustainable cleaning concept that don’t cause harm to the ecosystem.

If you will make use of these guidelines, you will never fail in selecting the best cleaning services to suit your needs. Remember always to come up with a choice smartly.

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Getting the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Everyone wants to step into the bath of his or her dreams, a place that transports you to the life of luxury and allows you to relax at the end of a hard day. But how do you achieve this? Designing or renovating a new bathroom space take preparation and patience, but can certainly be done, particularly when you work with the right contractors and building specialists to get the job done correctly the first time around.

Bath building can be broken down into three key areas: planning, building and execution. And the first part just might be the most important. Setting out a proper plan before breaking ground can mean sidestepping little problems and mishaps that are bound to come up in any renovation project. Planning is also where you will consult with a specialist that has thorough and proper bathroom training from SEN Design. Bath training means the individuals you hire know what to expect from projects big and small, and have the bath training to see the process through to the finish line.

The building phase is often the part homeowners dread the most, as it can mean messes as the construction is ongoing. However, if you have properly done your planning, the headaches should be kept at a minimum. Know the expected timeline for the project and how much the budget is for each undertaking. Then make sure the professionals you are working with stick to these guidelines as closely as possible. Of course, things can always go off track, but hiring the right people at the start is your best bet for avoiding exactly that problem.

Finally, take care to pay attention to execution. This refers to the polishing details that make the entire project come together. Look for good craftsmanship and that none of the work is done in haste or with poor quality. You want the final bathroom to truly represent what you originally had in mind, so make sure your wishes are fulfilled accordingly. By putting in that extra time now, you will be happier with the ultimate bath space down the road.

Building a new bath is no small task, but it is an achievable one when working with the right contractors. Do your homework beforehand to start out on the right foot, and the project can be as stress free as possible. At the end of the process, you will finally have the bath of your dreams, and you’ll have learned a thing or two about home construction to boot.

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